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Avishek Datta
First Name: Avishek
Last Name: Datta
Country: Thailand
Oganization: Agricultural Systems and Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Ba Cuong Nguyen
First Name: Ba Cuong
Last Name: Nguyen
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment
Bach Tan Sinh
First Name: Bach
Last Name: Tan Sinh
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Division of J Journal and Publication. Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation
Bao Pham Vu
First Name: Bao Pham
Last Name: Vu
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Agricultural Science Institute for Southern Coastal Central Vietnam
Bas Stengs
First Name: Bas
Last Name: Stengs
Country: Netherlands
Oganization: Deltares – “Enabling Delta Life”
Berger Erich
First Name: Berger
Last Name: Erich
Country: Germany
Oganization: ribeka GmbH
Bhaswati Ray
First Name: Bhaswati
Last Name: Ray
Country: India
Oganization: Sivanath Sastri College, University of Calcutta, India
First Name: Bich
Last Name: TRAN
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Da- Yeh University, Taiwan
Bruno Brunone
First Name: Bruno
Last Name: Brunone
Country: Italy
Oganization: The Water Engineering Laboratory The University of Perugia, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bui Huy
First Name: Bui
Last Name: Huy
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Disaster Management Policy and Technology Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Bui Thi Phuong Thuy
First Name: Bui Thi
Last Name: Phuong Thuy
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Ha Noi University of Natural Resources and Environment
Bui TuanHai
First Name: Bui
Last Name: TuanHai
Country: Viet Nam
Oganization: Institute of Water Resources Planning
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