• Summary of the Stakeholders Forum on Integrated Flood Risk Management in Cagayan River Basin
    Description: The stakeholders forum generally aimed to enhance the capacities of...
    Author: Dr. Orlando F. Balderama
    DOI: 2022.1663171259
    Keywords: knowledge sharing, technology transfer, water security, integrated water resources management, flood and sedimentation management
  • Flood susceptibility mapping and prediction for extreme flood in Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin
    Description: Flooding in humid regions have been increasing recently and can...
    Author: Mohamed SABER
    DOI: 2022.1663171480
    Keywords: Machine algorithms, LightGBM, CatBoost, Random forest, Flash flood susceptibility Mapping, different climatic environments
  • Impacts of dams and sand mining on flow regime and sediment morphology changes in the Vu Gia Thu Bon River basin
    Description: The Vu Gia Thu Bon (VGTB) River basin plays an...
    Author: Binh Quang NGUYEN
    DOI: 2022.1663172163
    Keywords: Dam, Sand mining, Bathymetry, Flow regime, Sediment budget, Vu Gia Thu Bon.
  • Evolution of bank erosion and morphological changes in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
    Description: The Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD) is shrinking and sinking, thus...
    Author: Doan Van BINH
    DOI: 2022.1663172335
    Keywords: remote sensing, morphological change, Vietnamese Mekong Delta, bank erosion
  • Watershed hydrological model for discharge and sediment simulation in Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin using HYPE model
    Description: Vietnam has experienced several problems with its water resources, particularly...
    Author: Thao Thi Phuong Bui
    DOI: 2022.1663172539
    Keywords: Watershed hydrological model (HYPE model), discharge, suspended sediment concentration, Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin.
  • Spatio-temporal impacts of climate change over the Cagayan River Basin, Philippines
    Description: The Philippines is experiencing more frequent heavy precipitation events and...
    Author: Khagendra P. Bharambe
    DOI: 2022.1663172698
    Keywords: Climate Risk, Climate Change Adaptation, Spatio-temporal Impacts, Drought, flood
  • Hydrodynamic modelling of Magat Dam and Reservoir during extreme conditions using Telemac 2D
    Description: Dams and reservoirs have become useful tools in managing existing...
    Author: Jeoffrey Lloyd R. Bareng
    DOI: 2022.1663172834
    Keywords: hydrodynamic modeling, dams, reservoirs
  • The stabilization of “squeezed” vegetated channels
    Description: A vegetated channel is a feature of river morphology commonly...
    Author: Hong Son Truong
    DOI: 2022.1663173026
    Keywords: vegetation, river bank, erosion, turbulence flow, squeeze condition.
  • Proposed mitigation for salinity intrusion in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
    Description: The Vietnamese Mekong Delta plays an extremely important and central...
    Author: Phuong Mai NGUYEN
    DOI: 2022.1663173173
    Keywords: salinity intrusion, Upstream dams, Sea level rise, tidal regime, Hau River, Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
  • Long-Term Spatiotemporal Analysis of Lake Surface Water for Southeast Asia based on Global Surface Water Dataset
    Description: Southeast Asia (SEA) hosts a large number of lakes that...
    Author: Tatsaneewan Phoesri
    DOI: 2022.1663173409
    Keywords: Monitoring, freshwater lake, surface water, remote sensing, temporal pattern
  • Assessment of historical and projected changes of surface runoff in Mainland South East Asia
    Description: Predicting and estimating surface runoff in Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA)...
    Author: Nongrat Sukarasuta
    DOI: 2022.1663173547
    Keywords: rainfall, runoff, Mainland Southeast Asia, remote sensing, SCS-CN method, curve number
  • Modeling Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT) in Southeast Asia
    Description: The impact of climate variability/change in Southeast Asian lakes is...
    Author: Salvatore G.P Virdis
    DOI: 2022.1663173725
    Keywords: Lake surface water temperature, modeling, machine learning, risk map, climate change
  • Analysis of Lake Surface Water Temperature Spatial Trend in Tonlé Sap using MODIS
    Description: Tonlé Sap lake is the largest and the most productive...
    Author: Siwat Kongwarakom
    DOI: 2022.1663173847
    Keywords: Tonlé Sap lake, water temperature, spatial trend, remote sensing, management
  • Analysis of Change Detection and Zonal Statistics of Land Use Land Cover on Mainland Southeast Asian Lake Basins utilizing MODIS and CCI Land Cover Datasets
    Description: Lakes in Southeast Asia provide wide range of ecosystem services...
    Author: Aung Chit Moe
    DOI: 2022.1663174030
    Keywords: climate change effects, Southeast Asia, lake basins, remote sensing, land use land cover, change detection, zonal statistics, global datasets
  • Using a Neural Network Based Model to Retrieve the Inland Water Bodies\' Water Quality Parameters from Remote Sensing Data in Thailand
    Description: Freshwater is vital for human wellbeing and the ecosystem in...
    Author: Naga Jyothsna Yalamanchili
    DOI: 2022.1663174252
    Keywords: remote sensing, C2RCC, inland waterbodies, Sentinel-2 MSI, Landsat 8 OLI, chlorophyll, total suspended matter
  • Novel Method to Identify the Source of Groundwater Nitrate Pollution in Intensive Agricultural and Livestock Areas in Japan
    Description: Groundwater pollution by nitrate is a common problem in many...
    Author: Kei Nakagawa
    DOI: 2022.1663174398
    Keywords: groundwater, nitrate pollution, fecal sterols, coprostanol
  • The effect of urbanization on temperature indices in the Philippines
    Description: This study presents a comprehensive analysis of the effect of...
    Author: John Asaula Manalo
    DOI: 2022.1663174589
    Keywords: urbanization, surface air temperature, satellite night-light, extreme temperature indices, the Philippines
  • Climatological intraseasonal variation in aerosols and their impact on extreme rainfall over India
    Description: The aerosol distribution are interrelated with the intraseasonal variations in...
    Author: Anu Gupta
    DOI: 2022.1663174754
    Keywords: climatology, aerosols, monsoon intraseasonal oscillations, extreme rainfall events
  • Effects of Inhomogeneous Wind and Topography on Surface Mass Transport in a Shallow Lake
    Description: Wind-induced surface mass transport was investigated under spatially inhomogeneous wind...
    Author: Ngoc Hieu LE
    DOI: 2022.1663174880
    Keywords: inhomogeneous wind, numerical simulation, bathymetry gradients, mass transport
  • Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen during Overturn period of Selective Withdrawal Operation in a Water Supply Reservoir
    Description: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Manganese (Mn) have a significant role...
    Author: Ronnel PABALAN
    DOI: 2022.1663175020
    Keywords: Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved Manganese, Water Supply Reservoir, Thermal Gradient, Schmidt Stability Index, Wind Power
  • Current Challenges in Sustainable Management of the Water Supply System in Hanoi, Vietnam
    Description: Hanoi, the socio-economic center of Vietnam, where the demand for...
    Author: Dr. Nuong Thi BUI
    DOI: 2022.1663175179
    Keywords: Urban water management, Sustainability, System dynamic, Covid-19, Hanoi.
  • An Application of Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network for Groundwater Forecasting. A Case Study in Red River Delta
    Description: Groundwater (GW) plays an important role in supplying water for...
    Author: Linh Bui
    DOI: 2022.1663176279
    Keywords: Groundwater, LSTM, Neural network, Lower Red River Delta
  • The National Dialogue on Water for Asian countries
    Description: The Asia Water Council (AWC) is a leading water platform...
    Author: Jewon LEE
    DOI: 2022.1663176551
    Keywords: technical solution, water issue, water resources, water monitoring leakage management, water quality
  • The National Dialogue on Water in Vietnam
    Description: As part of a five-year collaboration aimed at supporting to...
    Author: Delia Sanchez Trancon
    DOI: 2022.1663176681
    Keywords: policy reform, economic instruments, water resources management, water security
  • The National Dialogue on Water in Thailand
    Description: As part of a five-year collaboration aimed at supporting to...
    Author: Chumlarp Tejasen
    DOI: 2022.1663236029
    Keywords: policy reform, economic instruments, water resources management, water security
  • Summary and outcomes of integrated flood and sediment managment project
    Description: Climate change poses great threats from disastrous floods and drought...
    Author: Sameh A. KANTOUSH
    DOI: 2022.1663221694
    Keywords: flood and sediment
  • Integrated flood and Water Resources Management, Research and Development in the Cagayan River basin
    Description: Flooding and sedimentation are two of the most catastrophic hazards...
    Author: Lanie A. Alejo
    DOI: 2022.1663222016
    Keywords: flood and Water Resources Management,Cagayan River basin
  • Role of Renewables in the Energy Transition: Techno-economic Studies towards Least-Cost Off-Grid Electrification and a 100% Renewable Energy (RE) System Philippines
    Description: Archipelagic countries like the Philippines and Indonesia rely on diesel...
    Author: Joey D. OCON
    DOI: 2022.1663222790
    Keywords: Renewables in the Energy Transition,System Philippines
  • Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from irrigation water in selected urban farms in Metro Manila, Philippines
    Description: Highly polluted surface waters are increasingly used for irrigation in...
    Author: Pierangeli G. Vital
    DOI: 2022.1663223375
    Keywords: antibiotic resistance; Escherichia coli; irrigation water; gastrointestinal infections
  • Waste to Energy in Municipal Solid Waste Management Vientiane, Laos
    Description: The population of Laos is growing and as the population...
    Author: Phonhalath
    DOI: 2022.1663223534
    Keywords: municipal solid waste, solid waste management, energy, technology.
  • Agri-Map online: GIS Research Translation in Thailand
    Description: The Fourth Industrial Revolution have been adopted and employed by...
    Author: Puvadol Doydee
    DOI: 2022.1663223702
    Keywords: Agri-Map online, land use mapping, Thailand perspective.
  • Food Resarch and Innovation in a Circular Economy – Thailand’s Outlook towards ASEAN
    Description: This talk will concentrate on food research and innovation in...
    Author: Aunchalee Aussanasuwannakul
    DOI: 2022.1663223996
    Keywords: Food Resarch and Innovation, Circular Economy – Thailand’s Outlook towards ASEAN
  • Mapping Micro-Plastic Pollution in ASEAN Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems
    Description: Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that pollute the...
    Author: Muhammad Makky
    DOI: 2022.1663224155
    Keywords: ASEAN Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems
  • Innovative solutions on aquatic and fisheries resources of Mekong River in Myanmar regarding SDGs
    Description: There are target exploited fishes were observed among important Mekong...
    Author: Mie Mie Kyaw
    DOI: 2022.1663224291
    Keywords: exploited fishes, physicochemical indicator, potable, monitoring riverine ecosystem, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Detection and Identification of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Tonle Sap Lake, Tonle Sap River, Mekong River, and Wastewater
    Description: Antibiotics are medicines used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance...
    Author: Reasmey Tan
    DOI: 2022.1663224423
    Keywords: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Tonle Sap Lake, Tonle Sap River, Mekong River, Wastewater
  • A serious agent-based simulation game to drive discussions about waste management in Vietnam
    Description: Background. Waste management is a big problem in Vietnam, especially...
    Author: Alexis Drogoul
    DOI: 2022.1663224631
    Keywords: serious game, agent-based simulation, waste management, irrigation system, Vietnam
    Description: Vietnam is among the top 10 countries in the world...
    Author: Dinh Thi Hai Van
    DOI: 2022.1663225622
  • Towards a new set of high-resolution climate scenarios for Vietnam
    Description: The latest downscaling activities in Vietnam have been mainly based...
    Author: Thanh NGO-DUC
    DOI: 2022.1663225834
    Keywords: statistical downscaling, dynamical downscaling, CMIP6, climate scenarios
  • Modelling and Interactive Simulation for Water Management in the Bac Hung Hai Irrigation System
    Description: Irrigation systems contribute worldwide to the provision of a wide...
    Author: Doanh Nguyen-Ngoc
    DOI: 2022.1663225971
    Keywords: Agent-Based Model, GAMA platform, modelling, interactive simulation, Bac Hung Hai, irrigation system
  • Using agent-based simulation to address agricultural water issues
    Description: In many agricultural regions, the lack of water poses many...
    Author: Patrick Taillandier
    DOI: 2022.1663226307
    Keywords: Using agent-based, address agricultural water issues
  • Prediction of water level in irrigation system using the hydraulic and data-driven models: an application in the Bac Hung Hai irrigation System
    Description: In the irrigation system, the water level is an important...
    Author: Chien PHAM VAN
    DOI: 2022.1663226447
    Keywords: Hydraulic model, LSTM, water level, Bac Hung Hai, irrigation system
  • An Agent-Based Co-modeling Approach to Simulate the Evacuation of a Population in the Context of a Realistic Flooding Event: A Case Study in Hanoi (Vietnam)
    Description: According to recent studies, Vietnam is one of the twenty...
    DOI: 2022.1663235987
    Keywords: An Agent-Based Co-modeling, Flooding Event: A Case Study in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Enhancement of Satellite DEM Accuracy using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing data for Flood Mapping
    Description: The digital elevation model (DEM) is crucial for various applications,...
    Author: Dong Eon KIM
    DOI: 2022.1663228086
    Keywords: Machine Learning, Digital Elevation Model, Flood Mapping, Remote Sensing
  • Smart Water Grid Technologies and its application plan to Municipalities in Nepal
    Description: In the case of small towns in Nepal located in...
    Author: Dongwoo Jang
    DOI: 2022.1663228258
    Keywords: smart water grid, small town, water supply systems, water facilities
  • Prediction of WWTP Influent and Effluent Characteristics using Machine Learning
    Description: The operation of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is a...
    Author: Seongjoon Byeon
    DOI: 2022.1663228517
    Keywords: Wastewater Treatment, Automation, Machine Learning, Forecast, ARIMA, Neural Network
  • Analysis of Water Use Patterns Based on Big Data and Neural Networks
    Description: Demand for water wellness technology is increasing due to the...
    Author: Seul-gi Kang
    DOI: 2022.1663228658
    Keywords: Water wellness, Big data, Analysis of water use patterns, Living lab
  • Application of Machine Learning Model in predicting Hanoi Water Level
    Description: The lower portions of the Red River and Thai Binh...
    Author: Tra Thi Thu Nguyen
    DOI: 2022.1663228904
    Keywords: ANN, RNN, LSTM, Red River Delta, Water Level Forecast, Ha Noi
  • Drought research in Vietnam: A review and recommendations
    Description: Drought is one of the natural phenomena, often recurring on...
    Author: Phan Van Tan
    DOI: 2022.1663229058
    Keywords: drought, climate change, drought forecast, drought assessment
  • Simulation of maize biomass and yield in An Giang province, Viet nam and under climate change
    Description: At the present time, climate change causing increasing temperature, dryness...
    Author: Phuoc H. Le
    DOI: 2022.1663229226
    Keywords: biomass, CO2, corn, crop model, Vietnam Mekong Delta, yield
  • Food security as a landscape study problem
    Description: Food security is the global concern. However, addressing its problems...
    Author: Tanh T. N. Nguyen
    DOI: 2022.1663229354
    Keywords: food security, landscape, modeling, spatial approach
  • Microbial community structures related to beneficial microorganisms inhabiting paddy soils under global climate change
    Description: Soils are the most popular habitat for microbial growth on...
    Author: Do Thi Xuan
    DOI: 2022.1663229554
    Keywords: microbial community structures, arbuscular mycorrhizal community, PGPR, sustainable, ecosystem services
  • Adsorptive removal of heavy metals from water using thermal treated laterite: an approach for purification of rain water
    Description: Many people presently do not have access to clean water,...
    Author: Dinh-Trinh Tran
    DOI: 2022.1663229732
    Keywords: rainwater quality, heavy metal, bacteria, adsorption, water purification, drinking water
  • Synthesis of g-C3N4@WO3 nanocomposites and its application for the removal of methylene blue: equilibrium and kinetics study
    Description: In this research, the g-C3N4@WO3 nanocomposites were synthesized from Na2WO4...
    Author: Manh-Cuong Le
    DOI: 2022.1663229915
    Keywords: graphite carbon nitride (g-C3N4), nanocomposite, hydrothermal method, adsorption, synthetic dyes, equilibrium and kinetic modelling
  • Research on pollution of Sterols in Kimnguu River water, Hanoi
    Description: As the world\'s population continues to grow, water pollution is...
    Author: Quynh Xuan To
    DOI: 2022.1663230083
    Keywords: pollution of Sterols, Kimnguu River water
  • Residue and ecological risk assessment of Polybromine diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in the surface water of West Lake, Hanoi
    Description: PBDEs are a group of persistent organic pollutants used as...
    Author: Huyen Thu VU
    DOI: 2022.1663230208
    Keywords: PBDEs, benthich animals
  • Assess The Current State Of The Environment In Brackish-Water Shrimp-Farming Areas In Nam Dinh Province and Proposing Measures To Improve Efficiency
    Description: In the context of the increasing trend of marine environmental...
    Author: Nguyen Thao Truong PHAM
    DOI: 2022.1663230329
    Keywords: aquaculture, shrimp farming