Summary of the Stakeholders Forum on Integrated Flood Risk Management in Cagayan River Basin
Description: The stakeholders forum generally aimed to enhance the capacities of policymakers, managers, and practitioners of river basin organizations on flood...
Author: Dr. Orlando F. Balderama
DOI: 2022.1663171259
Keywords: knowledge sharing, technology transfer, water security, integrated water resources management, flood and sedimentation management
Flood susceptibility mapping and prediction for extreme flood in Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin
Description: Flooding in humid regions have been increasing recently and can have devastating effects. Therefore, predicting flood-prone areas is essential for...
Author: Mohamed SABER
DOI: 2022.1663171480
Keywords: Machine algorithms, LightGBM, CatBoost, Random forest, Flash flood susceptibility Mapping, different climatic environments
Impacts of dams and sand mining on flow regime and sediment morphology changes in the Vu Gia Thu Bon River basin
Description: The Vu Gia Thu Bon (VGTB) River basin plays an important role in water resources in the Central region of...
Author: Binh Quang NGUYEN
DOI: 2022.1663172163
Keywords: Dam, Sand mining, Bathymetry, Flow regime, Sediment budget, Vu Gia Thu Bon.
Evolution of bank erosion and morphological changes in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
Description: The Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD) is shrinking and sinking, thus is drowning. It has recently changed from depositional to erosional...
Author: Doan Van BINH
DOI: 2022.1663172335
Keywords: remote sensing, morphological change, Vietnamese Mekong Delta, bank erosion
Watershed hydrological model for discharge and sediment simulation in Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin using HYPE model
Description: Vietnam has experienced several problems with its water resources, particularly floods, which have been a major worry for farmers for...
Author: Thao Thi Phuong Bui
DOI: 2022.1663172539
Keywords: Watershed hydrological model (HYPE model), discharge, suspended sediment concentration, Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin.
Spatio-temporal impacts of climate change over the Cagayan River Basin, Philippines
Description: The Philippines is experiencing more frequent heavy precipitation events and severe droughts as a result of climate change and a...
Author: Khagendra P. Bharambe
DOI: 2022.1663172698
Keywords: Climate Risk, Climate Change Adaptation, Spatio-temporal Impacts, Drought, flood
Hydrodynamic modelling of Magat Dam and Reservoir during extreme conditions using Telemac 2D
Description: Dams and reservoirs have become useful tools in managing existing water resources and have opened the possibility to effectively utilize...
Author: Jeoffrey Lloyd R. Bareng
DOI: 2022.1663172834
Keywords: hydrodynamic modeling, dams, reservoirs
The stabilization of “squeezed” vegetated channels
Description: A vegetated channel is a feature of river morphology commonly found in natural rivers and estuaries. River channels usually consist...
Author: Hong Son Truong
DOI: 2022.1663173026
Keywords: vegetation, river bank, erosion, turbulence flow, squeeze condition.
Proposed mitigation for salinity intrusion in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
Description: The Vietnamese Mekong Delta plays an extremely important and central role in the country\'s food security. Due to the influences...
Author: Phuong Mai NGUYEN
DOI: 2022.1663173173
Keywords: salinity intrusion, Upstream dams, Sea level rise, tidal regime, Hau River, Vietnamese Mekong Delta.
Long-Term Spatiotemporal Analysis of Lake Surface Water for Southeast Asia based on Global Surface Water Dataset
Description: Southeast Asia (SEA) hosts a large number of lakes that are crucial for providing essential ecosystem services such as water...
Author: Tatsaneewan Phoesri
DOI: 2022.1663173409
Keywords: Monitoring, freshwater lake, surface water, remote sensing, temporal pattern
Assessment of historical and projected changes of surface runoff in Mainland South East Asia
Description: Predicting and estimating surface runoff in Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA) is essential for the assessment of water receiving potential of...
Author: Nongrat Sukarasuta
DOI: 2022.1663173547
Keywords: rainfall, runoff, Mainland Southeast Asia, remote sensing, SCS-CN method, curve number
Modeling Lake Surface Water Temperature (LSWT) in Southeast Asia
Description: The impact of climate variability/change in Southeast Asian lakes is expected to exacerbate as business-as-usual anthropogenic emissions continue. This posed...
Author: Salvatore G.P Virdis
DOI: 2022.1663173725
Keywords: Lake surface water temperature, modeling, machine learning, risk map, climate change
Analysis of Lake Surface Water Temperature Spatial Trend in Tonlé Sap using MODIS
Description: Tonlé Sap lake is the largest and the most productive freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, providing food for millions of...
Author: Siwat Kongwarakom
DOI: 2022.1663173847
Keywords: Tonlé Sap lake, water temperature, spatial trend, remote sensing, management
Analysis of Change Detection and Zonal Statistics of Land Use Land Cover on Mainland Southeast Asian Lake Basins utilizing MODIS and CCI Land Cover Datasets
Description: Lakes in Southeast Asia provide wide range of ecosystem services and are a vital natural resource for a variety of...
Author: Aung Chit Moe
DOI: 2022.1663174030
Keywords: climate change effects, Southeast Asia, lake basins, remote sensing, land use land cover, change detection, zonal statistics, global datasets
Using a Neural Network Based Model to Retrieve the Inland Water Bodies\' Water Quality Parameters from Remote Sensing Data in Thailand
Description: Freshwater is vital for human wellbeing and the ecosystem in general. Inland water bodies are the primary sources of freshwater,...
Author: Naga Jyothsna Yalamanchili
DOI: 2022.1663174252
Keywords: remote sensing, C2RCC, inland waterbodies, Sentinel-2 MSI, Landsat 8 OLI, chlorophyll, total suspended matter
Novel Method to Identify the Source of Groundwater Nitrate Pollution in Intensive Agricultural and Livestock Areas in Japan
Description: Groundwater pollution by nitrate is a common problem in many parts of the world. The agriculturally important Shimabara area in...
Author: Kei Nakagawa
DOI: 2022.1663174398
Keywords: groundwater, nitrate pollution, fecal sterols, coprostanol
The effect of urbanization on temperature indices in the Philippines
Description: This study presents a comprehensive analysis of the effect of urbanization on the surface air temperature (SAT) from 1951 to...
Author: John Asaula Manalo
DOI: 2022.1663174589
Keywords: urbanization, surface air temperature, satellite night-light, extreme temperature indices, the Philippines
Climatological intraseasonal variation in aerosols and their impact on extreme rainfall over India
Description: The aerosol distribution are interrelated with the intraseasonal variations in Asian summer monsoon winds. Due to the intraseasonal variations in...
Author: Anu Gupta
DOI: 2022.1663174754
Keywords: climatology, aerosols, monsoon intraseasonal oscillations, extreme rainfall events
Effects of Inhomogeneous Wind and Topography on Surface Mass Transport in a Shallow Lake
Description: Wind-induced surface mass transport was investigated under spatially inhomogeneous wind field and different bathymetry gradients in a hypothetical round shape...
Author: Ngoc Hieu LE
DOI: 2022.1663174880
Keywords: inhomogeneous wind, numerical simulation, bathymetry gradients, mass transport
Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen during Overturn period of Selective Withdrawal Operation in a Water Supply Reservoir
Description: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Manganese (Mn) have a significant role in indicating the quality of drinking water. In general, low...
Author: Ronnel PABALAN
DOI: 2022.1663175020
Keywords: Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved Manganese, Water Supply Reservoir, Thermal Gradient, Schmidt Stability Index, Wind Power
Current Challenges in Sustainable Management of the Water Supply System in Hanoi, Vietnam
Description: Hanoi, the socio-economic center of Vietnam, where the demand for water supply usage is always the highest compared to other...
Author: Dr. Nuong Thi BUI
DOI: 2022.1663175179
Keywords: Urban water management, Sustainability, System dynamic, Covid-19, Hanoi.
An Application of Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network for Groundwater Forecasting. A Case Study in Red River Delta
Description: Groundwater (GW) plays an important role in supplying water for household activities, Industry and Agriculture. However, GW is being explored...
Author: Linh Bui
DOI: 2022.1663176279
Keywords: Groundwater, LSTM, Neural network, Lower Red River Delta
The National Dialogue on Water for Asian countries
Description: The Asia Water Council (AWC) is a leading water platform that aims to provide tangible solutions to resolve water issues...
Author: Jewon LEE
DOI: 2022.1663176551
Keywords: technical solution, water issue, water resources, water monitoring leakage management, water quality
The National Dialogue on Water in Vietnam
Description: As part of a five-year collaboration aimed at supporting to achieve the water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia, the...
Author: Delia Sanchez Trancon
DOI: 2022.1663176681
Keywords: policy reform, economic instruments, water resources management, water security
The National Dialogue on Water in Thailand
Description: As part of a five-year collaboration aimed at supporting to achieve the water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia, the...
Author: Chumlarp Tejasen
DOI: 2022.1663236029
Keywords: policy reform, economic instruments, water resources management, water security
Summary and outcomes of integrated flood and sediment managment project
Description: Climate change poses great threats from disastrous floods and drought to the world, of which Japan, Vietnam and Philippines are...
Author: Sameh A. KANTOUSH
DOI: 2022.1663221694
Keywords: flood and sediment
Integrated flood and Water Resources Management, Research and Development in the Cagayan River basin
Description: Flooding and sedimentation are two of the most catastrophic hazards to river ecosystems that have had a significant influence on...
Author: Lanie A. Alejo
DOI: 2022.1663222016
Keywords: flood and Water Resources Management,Cagayan River basin
Role of Renewables in the Energy Transition: Techno-economic Studies towards Least-Cost Off-Grid Electrification and a 100% Renewable Energy (RE) System Philippines
Description: Archipelagic countries like the Philippines and Indonesia rely on diesel generators to power small off-grid islands. The dependence on diesel...
Author: Joey D. OCON
DOI: 2022.1663222790
Keywords: Renewables in the Energy Transition,System Philippines
Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from irrigation water in selected urban farms in Metro Manila, Philippines
Description: Highly polluted surface waters are increasingly used for irrigation in different agricultural settings because they have high nutrient content and...
Author: Pierangeli G. Vital
DOI: 2022.1663223375
Keywords: antibiotic resistance; Escherichia coli; irrigation water; gastrointestinal infections
Waste to Energy in Municipal Solid Waste Management Vientiane, Laos
Description: The population of Laos is growing and as the population increases will the waste we generate. Above all else, we...
Author: Phonhalath
DOI: 2022.1663223534
Keywords: municipal solid waste, solid waste management, energy, technology.
Agri-Map online: GIS Research Translation in Thailand
Description: The Fourth Industrial Revolution have been adopted and employed by governments, private organizations and higher education institutions in Thailand. The...
Author: Puvadol Doydee
DOI: 2022.1663223702
Keywords: Agri-Map online, land use mapping, Thailand perspective.
Food Resarch and Innovation in a Circular Economy – Thailand’s Outlook towards ASEAN
Description: This talk will concentrate on food research and innovation in a context of circular economy and how Thailand adopts this...
Author: Aunchalee Aussanasuwannakul
DOI: 2022.1663223996
Keywords: Food Resarch and Innovation, Circular Economy – Thailand’s Outlook towards ASEAN
Mapping Micro-Plastic Pollution in ASEAN Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems
Description: Microplastics are very small pieces of plastic that pollute the environment. It is significantly affect the environment worldwide. Aquatic and...
Author: Muhammad Makky
DOI: 2022.1663224155
Keywords: ASEAN Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems
Innovative solutions on aquatic and fisheries resources of Mekong River in Myanmar regarding SDGs
Description: There are target exploited fishes were observed among important Mekong fish species; Three spot gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus), Hemibagrus spilopterus are...
Author: Mie Mie Kyaw
DOI: 2022.1663224291
Keywords: exploited fishes, physicochemical indicator, potable, monitoring riverine ecosystem, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Detection and Identification of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Tonle Sap Lake, Tonle Sap River, Mekong River, and Wastewater
Description: Antibiotics are medicines used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance occurs when these medicines are not effective against the bacteria....
Author: Reasmey Tan
DOI: 2022.1663224423
Keywords: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Tonle Sap Lake, Tonle Sap River, Mekong River, Wastewater
A serious agent-based simulation game to drive discussions about waste management in Vietnam
Description: Background. Waste management is a big problem in Vietnam, especially in irrigation systems, where waste has a profound impact on...
Author: Alexis Drogoul
DOI: 2022.1663224631
Keywords: serious game, agent-based simulation, waste management, irrigation system, Vietnam
Description: Vietnam is among the top 10 countries in the world most vulnerable to climate change. It is the most important...
Author: Dinh Thi Hai Van
DOI: 2022.1663225622
Towards a new set of high-resolution climate scenarios for Vietnam
Description: The latest downscaling activities in Vietnam have been mainly based on the dynamical approach for a limited number of Global...
Author: Thanh NGO-DUC
DOI: 2022.1663225834
Keywords: statistical downscaling, dynamical downscaling, CMIP6, climate scenarios
Modelling and Interactive Simulation for Water Management in the Bac Hung Hai Irrigation System
Description: Irrigation systems contribute worldwide to the provision of a wide range of services on which the survival and well- being...
Author: Doanh Nguyen-Ngoc
DOI: 2022.1663225971
Keywords: Agent-Based Model, GAMA platform, modelling, interactive simulation, Bac Hung Hai, irrigation system
Using agent-based simulation to address agricultural water issues
Description: In many agricultural regions, the lack of water poses many problems that tend to multiply with climate change. It is...
Author: Patrick Taillandier
DOI: 2022.1663226307
Keywords: Using agent-based, address agricultural water issues
Prediction of water level in irrigation system using the hydraulic and data-driven models: an application in the Bac Hung Hai irrigation System
Description: In the irrigation system, the water level is an important indicator because of its role in various purposes such as...
Author: Chien PHAM VAN
DOI: 2022.1663226447
Keywords: Hydraulic model, LSTM, water level, Bac Hung Hai, irrigation system
An Agent-Based Co-modeling Approach to Simulate the Evacuation of a Population in the Context of a Realistic Flooding Event: A Case Study in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Description: According to recent studies, Vietnam is one of the twenty countries most affected by natural disasters in the world, and...
DOI: 2022.1663235987
Keywords: An Agent-Based Co-modeling, Flooding Event: A Case Study in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Enhancement of Satellite DEM Accuracy using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing data for Flood Mapping
Description: The digital elevation model (DEM) is crucial for various applications, such as land management and flood planning, as it reflects...
Author: Dong Eon KIM
DOI: 2022.1663228086
Keywords: Machine Learning, Digital Elevation Model, Flood Mapping, Remote Sensing
Smart Water Grid Technologies and its application plan to Municipalities in Nepal
Description: In the case of small towns in Nepal located in mountainous areas, the water quality is clean as there is...
Author: Dongwoo Jang
DOI: 2022.1663228258
Keywords: smart water grid, small town, water supply systems, water facilities
Prediction of WWTP Influent and Effluent Characteristics using Machine Learning
Description: The operation of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is a complex task which requires to consider several aspects: adapting to...
Author: Seongjoon Byeon
DOI: 2022.1663228517
Keywords: Wastewater Treatment, Automation, Machine Learning, Forecast, ARIMA, Neural Network
Analysis of Water Use Patterns Based on Big Data and Neural Networks
Description: Demand for water wellness technology is increasing due to the continuous occurrence of water accidents, interest in water quality. Currently,...
Author: Seul-gi Kang
DOI: 2022.1663228658
Keywords: Water wellness, Big data, Analysis of water use patterns, Living lab
Application of Machine Learning Model in predicting Hanoi Water Level
Description: The lower portions of the Red River and Thai Binh River in the North are where Hanoi, the capital of...
Author: Tra Thi Thu Nguyen
DOI: 2022.1663228904
Keywords: ANN, RNN, LSTM, Red River Delta, Water Level Forecast, Ha Noi
Drought research in Vietnam: A review and recommendations
Description: Drought is one of the natural phenomena, often recurring on the mainland, and often leaving serious consequences for production, environment,...
Author: Phan Van Tan
DOI: 2022.1663229058
Keywords: drought, climate change, drought forecast, drought assessment
Simulation of maize biomass and yield in An Giang province, Viet nam and under climate change
Description: At the present time, climate change causing increasing temperature, dryness and CO2 has exposed negative impacts on crops. In this...
Author: Phuoc H. Le
DOI: 2022.1663229226
Keywords: biomass, CO2, corn, crop model, Vietnam Mekong Delta, yield
Food security as a landscape study problem
Description: Food security is the global concern. However, addressing its problems is difficult since it is related to many factors, particularly...
Author: Tanh T. N. Nguyen
DOI: 2022.1663229354
Keywords: food security, landscape, modeling, spatial approach
Microbial community structures related to beneficial microorganisms inhabiting paddy soils under global climate change
Description: Soils are the most popular habitat for microbial growth on Earth. They play an important role in ecological agriculture system,...
Author: Do Thi Xuan
DOI: 2022.1663229554
Keywords: microbial community structures, arbuscular mycorrhizal community, PGPR, sustainable, ecosystem services
Adsorptive removal of heavy metals from water using thermal treated laterite: an approach for purification of rain water
Description: Many people presently do not have access to clean water, especially in rural/coastal areas. In such areas in Vietnam, rainwater...
Author: Dinh-Trinh Tran
DOI: 2022.1663229732
Keywords: rainwater quality, heavy metal, bacteria, adsorption, water purification, drinking water
Synthesis of g-C3N4@WO3 nanocomposites and its application for the removal of methylene blue: equilibrium and kinetics study
Description: In this research, the g-C3N4@WO3 nanocomposites were synthesized from Na2WO4 and g-C3N4 via the hydrothermal method in a strong acid...
Author: Manh-Cuong Le
DOI: 2022.1663229915
Keywords: graphite carbon nitride (g-C3N4), nanocomposite, hydrothermal method, adsorption, synthetic dyes, equilibrium and kinetic modelling
Research on pollution of Sterols in Kimnguu River water, Hanoi
Description: As the world\'s population continues to grow, water pollution is one of the greatest challenges worldwide. More wastewater is produced...
Author: Quynh Xuan To
DOI: 2022.1663230083
Keywords: pollution of Sterols, Kimnguu River water
Residue and ecological risk assessment of Polybromine diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in the surface water of West Lake, Hanoi
Description: PBDEs are a group of persistent organic pollutants used as flame retardants in polymeric materials such as plastics, plastics, and...
Author: Huyen Thu VU
DOI: 2022.1663230208
Keywords: PBDEs, benthich animals
Assess The Current State Of The Environment In Brackish-Water Shrimp-Farming Areas In Nam Dinh Province and Proposing Measures To Improve Efficiency
Description: In the context of the increasing trend of marine environmental pollution, the role of marine environmental monitoring for aquatic product...
Author: Nguyen Thao Truong PHAM
DOI: 2022.1663230329
Keywords: aquaculture, shrimp farming